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Camex Auctocare Pre-Purchase Inspection
Our goal is to assist you in making a sound investment by giving you peace of mind from an unbiased inspection. We want to prevent you from making a mistake from purchasing a ‘lemon’.

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We can save you money, avoid stress and time while providing you with the confidence you’re making the right investment.

We will detect issues and confirm the status of the vehicle and supply a detailed report.  Some financial institutions make a pre-purchase inspection a requirement to secure the loan. If we find defects or issues and you still wish to proceed, we can provide repair quotes, and this can often assist in supporting your price negotiation process.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Steps

  1. Find a car online and check with the owner that you are wishing to book an inspection.
  2. Contact us and we will liaise directly with the seller to arrange an inspection.
  3. We complete the inspection, including photos and check list inspection results. 
  4. We then communicate directly back to you (not the seller) and send you a report.

What's included?


We use a scan tool to detect any fault codes.


Checks are done on heating and air-conditioning and other items such as seat belts, locks, warning lights and more.

Accident Damage

A check for previous repairs and a visual inspection of any accident, hail, and flood damage.

Exterior/Under body

A visual inspection of panels, rust, wheels, suspension, and any previous repairs. Including charging components for electric vehicles.

Car Facts History Report

Each report for an additional fee can include information regarding written off history, stolen records, odometer rollbacks and more.

Road Test

Checks are done on brakes, operation noise, exhaust emissions for fuel vehicles, steering/suspension and more.

We can also provide for an additional fee where we look after everything for you.

  • We find the vehicle you are wanting, make, model, year and budget.
  • We perform the search and inspection.
  • We perform the negotiations on your behalf.
  • We purchase the vehicle on your behalf.
  • We can arrange to deliver the vehicle to your door.
Total Fee (inc. gst)
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